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The UK's Latest Government Initiative that will Protect Millions of Vulnerable Workers

By Mark Underwood

On Tuesday 16th July, the government announced its latest measures to advance the 'Good Work Plan', the largest upgrade to workers’ rights in a generation.

These measures have come to light after years of efforts to improve our labour market and ensure that UK workers aren't being underpaid. Recent initiatives and schemes implemented by the government include the introduction of a 'name and shame list' of underpaying employers, IR35 in the public sector (soon to be in the private sector), the Modern Slavery Act (MSA) 2015 and many more, already spending around £33m a year on enforcement.  

The government's latest proposed initiative is to create a single labour market enforcement body that will enforce holiday pay for vulnerable workers and ensure, amongst other things, that agency workers are no longer being underpaid by rogue recruitment companies.

The Business Secretary has also confirmed that Matthew Taylor, the architect of the independent Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices and keynote speaker at our Enabling the Future of Work™ 2018 conference, has been appointed as the interim Director of Labour Market Enforcement.

Members of Staffline's Board of Directors will be present at this weeks' announcement, ensuring that we continue to support Matthew Taylor and the 'Good Work Plan' (which closely represents our foundation for offering #Goodwork) and HMRC and its initiatives to further protect workers in the UK. 

Our involvement in these initiatives derives from our passion to both improve the lives of workers in the UK and ensure that there is a 'level playing field' when it comes to labour suppliers.

The new initiative will help to stop rogue recruiters using un-ethical payroll schemes to reduce tax, provide a platform to further review underpaid holiday entitlement and ultimately, give UK workers the upgrade to their rights that they deserve. 

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Matthew Taylor, author of the Government’s Review of Modern Working Practices, labelling Staffline as "Best Practice in Recruitment" at our Enabling the Future of Work™ conference in 2018.


An Overview of Staffline:

Established in 1986, Staffline is now the UK’s largest recruiter and workforce provider, delivering OnSite workforce solutions to leading brands. We work in partnership with clients and candidates, meeting business needs and matching people with opportunities.

We specialise in large-scale recruitment, providing teams to help businesses succeed. Our support is flexible to meet changing demands.

We make the world of work simple, helping companies to find the right people and perform at their best. Our service and pricing are bespoke, and we offer complete protection on compliance and ethical standards.

Our OnSite services support a range of sectors including agriculture, food production, logistics, transport, manufacturing and the automotive sector. We’re based at over 400 sites nationwide and find work for over 60,000 people each day.

Our new technologies include the AI chat bot, delivering ‘always on’ communication, the Universe platform, a game-changing candidate interface, and industry-leading customer experience management programme ‘Have your Say’. These innovations drive our customer-centric approach. We lead where others follow.

The Staffline Group also includes leading public service provider PeoplePlus - which helps tens of thousands of unemployed and disadvantaged people find work each year.

Find out more at: www.staffline.co.uk

by Mark Underwood

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